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Hi, Joe Simonds, the Founder of Annuity Think Tank and Retirement Think Tank here... and NO, I'm not kidding.

You can have my NEW completely "UNCENSORED" Annuity Hater Guide - for FREE. It is one of the first ever unbiased, no sales pitch, factually correct annuity guide created exclusively for baby boomers out there.  You will find out the TRUTH about annuity fees, why Wall Street hates (and doesn't understand) annuities, why annuities make horrible investments, the truth about surrender charges (penalties to get out of the annuity), and much much more.

In fact, I am also going to give you complete (and FREE) access to over 3,500 retirement articles and blogs...all at your fingertips 24/7.
Why am I giving all of this away? Because I know that many annuities are sold incorrectly, that there is way too much "misleading" information about annuities online, hardly anyone is willing to give consumers full access to everything, and most of the people who write about or discuss annuities online have some form of financial gain to make by selling you a specific annuity.  We do NOT.  In fact, we don't even sell annuities.  We just educate you on them.  Our goal is to build a loyal tribe of baby boomers who build trust with, educate, and continue to come to our site.  So take everything as a free gift from me... no cost, and no obligation.  

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